Software Engineering Consulting

Engineering Management

We can manage software and infrastructure engineering projects from design to production deployment. We work with your existing team or help you recruit and build out a new one.

AI Model Engineering

We can turn raw AI models into a production ready containerized services with a modern API. We help you develop model training infrastructure and construct training data pipelines.

API Design

We'll halp you create APIs for everything from cloud services to consumer devices. API features for scalability, authentication, security, abuse prevention and testability included. Great documentation also, of course.

Microservices Development

We can design and implement performant and flexible microservices using modern Docker, Go and Kubernetes ecosystem. PostgreSQL and MySQL/MariaDB database infrastructure and schema design included.

Third Party Integrations

We'll help you integrate your infrastructure with third party API providers. Data ingestion, event push, data pipelines or legacy technology integration projects.

Testing Automation

We can develop unit and whole system testing code, setup CI pipelines. and deliver logging and debug infrastructure.